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Center Mount with large plate & using pedals, 🆕 Game Engine, Motion Compensation, Interview, Teaser

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

1. Center Mount

With Large Plate

The first prototype of the large plate is ready for the center mount. Shortly, we'll have more test videos and gameplay videos, but in the meantime, check the material below. We're still confident about its stability, but of course will do the necessary testing as soon as possible and show them to you. As always, we still welcome any feedback about this.

Using Pedals

Some of our backers have previously asked about the compatibility of the central holder and using pedals. The concern is absolutely understandable without having the unit, so we made a short video to show that the mount is not in the way when using pedals.

By the way, the center mount can be moved even closer to the seat without affecting the steering wheel's position, and then it's even less in the way for your legs.

We'll also soon publish a comparison for the various holders (i.e.: central holder and its plates, the old two-pole mount system and the side rail).

2. Game Engine

Good news, the new game engine is out! Consider it a beta edition, however, it is already more stable, and - more importantly - more user-friendly.

It has additional features such as:

  • Start games in VR directly from the Game Engine

  • Mark plugins (= games) as favorites - these can be started with the launch button on the Arcade edition

  • List of recently used plugins

  • Plugin search + ability to hide unused plugins

  • Check whether both Open VR and YawTracker plugins are installed

  • Multiple languages

  • If there's a new version, the Game Engine automatically notifies you and recommends you to update

  • Updating "Default" settings: for every game, there's a default setup for axes and vibration. If this gets updated by our team, you can download the renewed version from inside the Game Engine.

You can download it from our website. Of course, any feedback welcome.

3. Motion Compensation - to be continued

We're still working on perfect solution(s) here, but let us share some information about this topic as we go.

  • If you're using Quest2 with Virtual Desktop, add "/DisableRenderpose" to the shortcut's target as below on the screenshot.

  • We have received a version of OpenXR Motion Compensation and tests are ongoing. You can expect some feedback about this soon.

4. Interview with ItsVRK

ItsVRK, one of Yaw2 Pro unit backers has interviewed us with questions from both himself and the community. Although part of the interview is covered in the above points, you can check the full recording for further details and topics.

5. Xplane12 Teaser

This game just came out, so we thought we need a new gameplay with it. In the meantime, here's a short teaser. It has waaay better graphics, and we can't wait to try all the planes. Btw. force adjustment has been done for the Cessna 172, and will continue with the other aircrafts as well. Soon, there should be a fighter jet video, too, as you might have guessed from the setup here.

Note: We're using the plugin for Xplane11, but will need some minor readjustment in the forces and will need to reenable yaw movement of course, but it's still a great experience.

Thanks all of you for your continued patience, feedback and support. Take care and see you soon.

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