Yaw VR Game Engine (BETA 1.0)

For one-click gaming

Yaw VR Game Engine is a free tool to connect your games to Yaw VR Motion Simulator easily. You can adjust and combine different motion parameters coming from your game and you can control with them any axis, vibration or LED lights in the simulator.


Supported games (the list is constantly expanding)  

Known issues

  • DCS Yaw direction problem

  • Profile import sensitivity (make sure you import a profile in the right format) 

  • Can't find device if multiple network adapters are active (for example VirtualBox). For now, Please disable these adapters while using yawVR.

Development Roadmap

  • New game integrations

  • Automatic game patches

  • Start games from Game Engine with VR parameters

  • Online profile sharing

  • Graphics design upgrade

If you have any suggestions or game integration request, please contact us via developers@yawvr.com or vote below!

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