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  • What is Yaw VR?
    Yaw VR is the producer of motion simulators Yaw1 and Yaw2 mostly for VR games. The simulators are basically gaming chairs, you can sit in them and they will move your body in sync with the game you play.
  • What headsets are compatible with Yaw VR?
    Basically, Yaw1 and Yaw2 are compatible with all the headsets on the market, but the game you play should support simulators. We have tested the simulators with the following headsets: Oculus Rift HTC Vive PIMAX Oculus GO Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 Samsung Gear VR Please note: If you enable yaw rotation in the simulator, your headset or the game should support motion compensation.
  • How does the system work? How does the simulator connect?
    The most basic setup if you're using a PC along with the VR headset and our simulator. These three devices should be on the same network. You should be running our Game Engine (or another third-party software such as SimTools or SRS) on the PC, and this software would forward the motion data from the game to the simulator. You'll be able to connect to the simulator from inside this software. The PC should stream to the VR headset - technically, this is done independently from our simulator. You can use an external screen instead of streaming to a VR headset, otherwise same as the previous solution. Another solution is to use the Meta Quest2 as a standalone headset. This way, you don't need a PC, however, only a limited amount of games are available (currently, it is Epic Roller Coasters, MarineVerse Cup and our own game, Y.A.W. Space Shooter). The Quest and the simulator should be on the same network, and you'll setup connection between the two inside the game menus.
  • On which platforms can I play with Yaw VR?
    PC - you can connect our simulator to the most popular titles on PC with our Free Game Engine, Oculus QUEST - You also can play Epic Roller Coaster on Oculus Quest. (More games coming) XBox, PSVR - with Sim Racing Studio software you can connect to certain games. Please check out the compatibility list here:
  • What games are supported by Yaw VR Game Engine?
    By using Yaw VR Game Engine, you can connect the following games with the simulator easily: Project Cars 2, Project Cars 3, Touring Karts, No Limits 2, Live For Speed, IL2 Sturmovik, Hyperstorm, Aerofly FS2, DCS World, Asetto Corsa, Xplane 11, Dirt 2, Dirt 4, GTA V, War Thunder, Aces High III, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Elite Dangerous, Condor 2, Forza Horizon 4, iRacing, Star Wars: Squadrons, KartKraft, VTOL VR, Vrace Hover Bike, 1976 Back to Midway You can find the updated list of games here. The list is constantly expanding and if you have a specific request, contact us via
  • Is it compatible with Xbox or PS?
    In general, the Yaw2 works with PC. There can be workarounds for Xbox and PS, but only if the certain game can send its telemetry data out to a custom address, which should be a PC, and from that PC the game engine can convert / forward this data to our simulator. So there’s no option currently where a PC is not needed at all, although we’re working on this.
  • How can I connect my VR games with the Yaw VR simulators?
    The easiest way is to use Yaw VR Game Engine software on your PC, you can download it from here Use Sim Racing Studio software: Connect to the most popular games and sim accessories via SRS software on PC and even PSVR or XBox. Check out the compatiblity list here Use Sim Tools: The Yaw VR simulator is compatible with the Sim Tools Game Engine software that connects to more than 80 VR games. Some games you will surely enjoy: Elite Dangerous, NoLimits2 roller coaster, Assetto Corsa car racing. There is a basic setup description on our website here. Steps are the following: set the IP address of our simulator, install the plugin of the game and assign the game's motion output to the 3 axes of our simulator (yaw, pitch, roll). Need more support? Connect to our Discord channelfor some advice from fellow gamers or contact us via Are you developing your own VR game in Unity or Unreal? Use our SDK and build the Yaw VR support code in your game. If you need any support, contact us via Games with native Yaw VR support: there are widely known VR games where the developer companies are building our support code in their games these days. These games will automatically connect to the simulator without any additional software on PCs, Oculus Quest and PSVR. Updates coming soon. Games developed by the Yaw VR Team: We have also started developing our own VR games with native built-in support code. They will be released soon and good news is you will get them for free when buying your own Yaw VR simulators.
  • Where can I buy the simulator?
    You can buy Yaw VR simulators in our Online Store. Currently, the Yaw1 is out of stock, but you can order the Yaw2 simulator.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay by Credit Card or Wire transfer. You can choose to only pay right before shipping out, or you can pay in advance when you order. We accept EUR and USD payments through our webstore.
  • How much is the shipping?
    It depends on the Zone where the delivery address is. Some shipping fees as reference for the 2 DoF Yaw2 Motion Simulator without seat: United Kingdom: $150 France: $150 USA: $380 Australia: $410 You can check the shipping prices in our webshop before ordering.
  • Is there a weight limit for using your product?
    The recommended weight limit for Yaw2 motion simulators is 287 lbs / 130 kgs, and for the Yaw1 simulators it is 265 lbs / 120 kgs.
  • Can I use counterweighting?
    In certain cases, you can if needed, however, we recommend adding not more than 33lbs / 15 kgs.
  • What are the warranty terms?
    We provide a one year replacement warranty. If any part of the device fails we send you a replacement part for free. For further information about warranty, please check our terms & conditions page
  • How much do the simulators cost?
    As reference, a Yaw2 Pro edition (2DoF, no seat) costs 3,080 USD All the other models will be made available shortly, as well. The prices don't include shipping fee, VAT, custom duties and other local taxes.
  • Does Yaw VR support motion compensation?
    Motion compensation is depending on your headset, not on our simulator. Open VR emulator software and Yaw VR Open VR emulator software support motion compensation on certain brands (currently Index and HTC Vive). Pimax has their own motion compensation solution but for Oculus motion compensation is currently not available. However, this could change from time to time depending on the actual development status of the headset. If motion compensation is not available on your headset you can turn off rotation on Yaw VR and can still enjoy any game with perfect immersion. We are working on to contact all the headset manufacturers and help them to make their HMD motion cancellation compatible.
  • Who can I contact if I have any technical issues or difficulties with the simulator?
    Please reach out to our tech support team at in such cases. You might also find it useful to check our discord channel for solutions proposed by fellow users.
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