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Yaw2 Launch Party - 4 simulators, 4 games, your feedback

First of all, let us start with saying thank you again to those of you who managed to come to our show. This time some of you had the chance to meet us in Las Vegas. We are honestly amazed how much positive feedback we have received during the Yaw2 launch event. We will try to summarize all that happened this past weekend in as much detail as possible, so that those of you who were not able to attend can also get a glimpse of how things went.

As you already know, the show was held on the 2nd of October in HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas. There was a presentation, a Q&A session and demos.

If you couldn't come and see us there in person, we live streamed the event on our Youtube channel, you can go ahead and watch it, we kept it up and put time stamps in it, so that you can skip to the part that you’re most interested in:

Generally speaking this event was a big test for our simulators again, although the devices were running for a shorter time, we had more of them with different types of games and simulations on them. Let us show you the setups:

Racing game: Assetto Corsa Competizione

Black&red matte design, alternative pedal support system (frame), big screen TV setup


  • the calibration on the steering wheel and pedals were not correct, therefore the car was difficult to control

  • the motion ranges were too big in the beginning, however a very limited setting with only a few degrees of movement still made the experience very immersive, specifically for racing games. for demonstrating the capabilities of the product, a bigger range makes sense, but in reality there is no need for huge movements in these types of games

  • it would have been cool to have this in VR as well (we used a non VR TV setup)

  • the color combo went well with the car racing theme

Roller coaster: Epic Rollercoaster

Classic black&white design, Oculus Quest 2 VR headset


  • very immersive, the movement of the chair was very much in sync with the motion that the player was visually experiencing

  • the VR headset was sometimes a bit offset (unfortunately we did not recenter frequently enough, sorry about that)

  • it tilts back a lot, if you forget to limit the motion

  • you kind of trust the system that you’re not going to fall out of the chair but a seatbelt would be nice (luckily all backers are going to get one 😉)

  • it’s a lot of fun to have a roller coaster game that is interactive (but of course if you don’t like roller coasters, it won’t change that)

Turret shooter game: Yaw VR shooter game

Full white shiny design, Oculus Quest 2 VR headset


  • very nice graphics

  • easy to play, easy to control the motion

  • a classic arcade-like turret shooter game

  • needs further refinement regarding the movement but it was already very responsive

Flight sim: X-plane 11

Full black matte design, Oculus Quest 2 headset


  • there was a significant technical delay in getting people to try the simulator because of the flightsim software and virtual desktop crashing (not the chair’s fault, but still annoying)

  • Cessna was the type of aircraft that guests were able to try eventually

  • takeoff is very immersive, you can feel the plane speeding up, there’s more and more vibration but once you’re in the air, it suddenly stops

  • landing is similar, with the vibration you do get the feeling of hitting the ground but the heave platform will definitely add to it once it becomes available

  • during the flight motion was spot on, both the left and right movement was very realistic and even a dive felt like a dive (despite the Yaw2 having limited forward pitch)

These are some of the things that those of you who came to our event told us at the spot or later in a message or email and also what we saw from the comments here and there. Thank you for letting us know about your experience with the Yaw2, we are sure it helps a lot for those who were not able to come.

Thank you for your patience and continuous support! 🙂

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Tommy Rogers
Tommy Rogers
Mar 30, 2022

would love to try one out

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