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Updated: Nov 16, 2022

First and foremost, production is underway, we are constantly working on improving our supply chain to ensure we can keep producing at maximum capacity. Deliveries and production are ongoing and we publish a video about the production processes. We provide some news about the Arcade edition, as well, more specifically show you guys how the launch button works in its current state. Afterwards, a clarifications regarding the central mount will follow and and we also compared motion compensation using the Quest2 and the Focus 3. We show our latest gameplay videos and some independent videos of the Yaw2 have already appeared on YouTube. And last but not least, save the date of our new upcoming exhibition in Portugal!

1. Production Video

We've been talking a lot about scaling up: hiring new workforce, buying machinery, the new production site. However, we've only showed you some pictures about these process. Now, it's time to share how production is going at our plants - check this video about our manufacturing process.

2. Arcade Edition Developments

  • Seat Occupancy Sensor

This is just a short update on the Arcade Edition, the seat occupancy has passed multiple in-house tests since the last update, so another feature working great in this edition.

  • Launch Button

Here's how an Arcade edition specific feature, the launch button works. Of course, we still happily welcome and feedback or recommendations for this. As you can see in the video, one button starts the game and the plugin, and the other can be used to start the simulator (which can also be used to stop the simulator).

The buttons are accessible both from our Game Engine and the Yaw SDK.

3. Central Mount

As many of you were interested in using HOTAS with a central position, we've created this accessory, and promised to do additional testing with the central mount. Accordingly, we've created 2 gameplay videos so far with the first prototype, which you can see at the end of the post. We're showing how to get in and out with this mount installed, plus you can now check the mount for the Fanatec DD Pro steering wheel. It is compatible with the Fanatec DD pro wheel bases using T nuts on the side. We used 4 screws, which is quite solid, but you can use 8.

According to the current modifications, the central mount will be the default mount of the simulator for which you can request a small or large plate. This solution is much more universal than the previous two-arm one, easy to adjust in all directions and easier to get in and out of the device. The production ready version has been developed and we will soon be shipping Yaw2s with it.

4. Motion Compensation: Quest2 VS. HTC Vive Focus 3

We did a brief comparison video showing the difference between the Meta Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Focus 3 which you can check below. Adding to the video, we must note that the Quest 2 has a somewhat superior picture quality overall when using it standalone, so it might be the virtual desktop and / or the fact that it's streaming which causes a little bit worse experience in the end compared to the Focus 3. There are multiple factors at work here (centered position, streaming app, lense spacing etc.) and it is of course a bit subjective in the end, hence we're eager to hear your feedback on this. Besides, we're planning to have more thorough comparisons of headsets and accessories in the future especially regarding the overall immersive experience using the Yaw2 motion simulator.

5. Workstation

We haven't talked much about the other uses so far, but development is always going on. We've just created the first prototype for the workstation, the keyboard + mouse holder, with the cupholder attached to it. Here are two pictures of the assembled workstation.

6. Gameplay Videos

  • Epic Roller Coasters has Yaw Movement Now!

This is just a plus one, we've just realized that B4T Games has added rotational movement to their game, Epic Roller Coasters which can be played on the Quest 2 as a standalone headset. As mentioned in the video, there are still some small issues with the data that is being provided by the game itself and with the built-in motion compensation of the game. We'll cooperate with them to solve these and have a final video shot soon.

  • KartKraft

Unfortunately, there are no separate wheel forces coming from the game that can be used for simulating motion, but the basic movements are simulated and it felt great!

  • F1® 22 with the central mount

  • Touring Karts with the central mount

7. KS backer review videos

As you saw this quick review from Rendered Reality, our packaging was not perfect, so screws could be missing and parts could get mixed up, but we have now fixed this and such problems should not occur in the future.

The Game Engine was also criticised in the video, the good news is that we expect to release the next completely new version of the Game Engine soon, which we hope will be much more stable than the current one. But of course the SRS software is also a perfect choice. You can expect a more detailed presentation after the release.

This video shows a pretty impressive setup from Jordove VR. Thank you for showing your own accessories and modifications!

His channel has a lot of Yaw2 related content, check them out for feedback and for inspiration.

8. Military Aviation Exhibition

On 18th of September, 2 members of our team will be exhibiting in Monte Real, Portugal, at a Military Aviation Exhibition. All of you in the area are very welcome to come for a virtual flight.

Another thing you were really interested in hearing about is the Gravity Platform. We’re still working on it, and will update you about it this month. Again, we're waiting for parts from external partners to continue. So bear with us please, and we'll soon publish news about this topic, as well.

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