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Production and Development update, Gameplay and Expo video

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Let's wrap up what happened in the last few weeks. Although few people of the team were away at an expo, work did not stop, and we keep ourselves to the production schedule.

1. Scale-Up Progress

The development of the device has reached the point where we can confidently manufacture the devices a few weeks ago (but of course the development is still going on, we are optimizing manufacturability, mountability and some accessories like holder desk etc.)

We are also working hard to make the production as automated as possible, because human labour is becoming more and more expensive and it is increasingly difficult to find good skilled workers. Therefore we are in the process of purchasing automatic grinding and welding robots. and the new laser cutter has started operating at full capacity, as well.

The production will certainly soon ramp up thanks to the huge amount of energy invested.

The new location is working now at a 100% capacity, we've successfully finished the relocation. At the same time, we've hired 5 additional employees - all in the production department. In addition, we’ve started to use 2 industrial grinding machines. Hence, we can allocate more human resource for assembly.

2. Side Plates

Building on your valuable feedback about the side plates, we decided not to further complicate the development of these accessories. We need to agree with you guys that this took too much of time, and we certainly cannot customize the plates to every single peripheral. On the other hand, we still would love to hear your feedback and recommendations in this aspect, however, we'll try to transfer most of the efforts related to the side plates to the production. For hotas users, we'd just advice to go with the side rails for your setup. This a comfortable height and distance for throttles, and we plan to publish a video soon with showing this. Indeed, the attempts to bring the side plates for the hotas to the mount system itself instead of the side rails went a little bit off the track.

At the same time, we're working on making the simulator compatible with the Monstertech mounts, as requested by many of you. This development won't directly affect production negatively.

3. Gravity Platform Preparation

We can now connect more than two modules together. So it will be possible in the future to connect the gravity platform to all Yaw2 devices and all rotating platforms. Since the gravity platform is not ready yet (we are working on it, but the main priority is to ramp up production) we tested the communication between the 3 units with a second rotation platform (two rotation platforms and a Yaw2 2D) and the units work in perfect harmony, so from an electronic point of view the device is ready to be connected to the gravity platform.

4. Oculus link via Yaw2 Pro USB port

We had a very interesting result from an experiment with the usb connection built into the Yaw2 Pro edition. Surprisingly for us, we were able to transmit a video signal over the usb system. We can't say much about the quality of the transmission yet, we need to do more tests, but it was definitely good. It's important to note that the USB connection is 2.0 standard, so we shouldn't have high expectations, but it's definitely a surprising and very positive result.

5. Multiplayer Space Combat dogfight game coming soon

In the video above, you can not only see how the oculus link works, but also a sneak peek of our in-house developed game, which we will be releasing soon. You can expect more games made specifically for Yaw simulators in the future.

6. New Game Engine

This is a short video about our new Game Engine. It will be easier to use, have more features and a nicer design. More details later.

7. Microsoft Flight Simulator test

You have requested for a long time that we test MS Flight Sim with Yaw2. We did a test a while back, but now here's a new video. For now it's still running with very basic settings. For example, we don't see any gear forces data in the telemetry yet, which would be important for a more realistic takeoff and landing simulation (if anyone knows how to extract gear forces data in MS flightsim, please let us know).

8. AWE USA 2022

We participate in the exhibitions for three reasons: we want as many backers as possible to have the opportunity to try the device until we deliver them all. The exhibitions give us a great test opportunity and finally, of course, marketing is important even if we are still primarily focused on production.

The feedback from the AWE USA 2022 last week was positive in general. Due to packages being stuck at customs, we demoed with 3 devices instead of the 4 and had no plates, so flightsim demoing could not happen unfortunately. However, we've been using our brand new game we mentioned before for the first time and the attendees liked it pretty much and soon we'll have a gameplay video for it.

As for the devices, they've been running constantly at the expo, and there were no issues at all. Coupled with the feedback from the Aero Friedrichshafen Expo in April, this is a really promising sign for durability. Plus, both expos had Pro editions, as well as Standards, so both were tested well.

Let us present a short video of the expo below:

Thank you guys for your patience. We'll keep working with full effort and as always, your feedback is more than welcome. Cheers!

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Joey Liu
Joey Liu
2022년 7월 19일

I am the same, order yaw2 October 2021, still have not got any update

Szabolcs Király
Szabolcs Király
2022년 11월 15일
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Nick Marcil
Nick Marcil
2022년 7월 09일

hello, i order my yaw 2 in october and last update was Q2 for shipping, Q2 just ended and am wondering if you started shipping in NA already. thank you.

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