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Preorder Schedule, Motion Compensation Update, Holder Plates, Workforce, Gameplays with our Own Game

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

In this short update, some news are published regarding the preorder schedule for the coming months, motion compensation, the holder plates, about hiring more workforce and we're also showing you how the single and multiplayer mode works in our in-house developed space shooter game.

1. Preorder Schedule

We started the preorder of Yaw2 about 1 year ago and Q2/2022 was first announced for delivery of the device. Unfortunately, we had to change the expected delivery time since then.

But we have started to gradually increase production output. We've moved to our new production site and acquired some new machinery. Metalworking remains at the previous facility, while assembly, testing and processing moved to the new one. The new location is working now at a 100% capacity, we've successfully finished the relocation. At the same time, we've hired additional employees - all in the production department, hence, we can allocate more human resource for assembly.

But let us reflect on the most questioned part about the schedule why preorders are planned to be delivered in the end of the year. Please note that the development of the device has only reached the point where we can confidently manufacture the devices a few weeks ago and several external factors also caused delay in the production, e.g. the chip shortage which has affected the whole world. First of all, we need to update the schedule for preorderers to Q4. Besides, we hope that by Q3 we'll reach a great production capacity and that we won't have to delay preorders too much while we plan the delivery of all Kickstarter devices for this year.

We'll keep working with full effort and let us know if you have any further questions. Despite all these unexpected delays, we still hope you guys will remain our happy customers. However, if by any chance you'd rather opt for a refund, we completely understand that, as well. As before, the option of full refund is certainly still available, in that case email us at

2. Motion Compensation

We've been working more on this topic lately, since it is essential to tackle with the issue of motion compensation even though the problem does not relate to our device in particular, but to technically every gadget that moves a person wearing a VR headset. We've previously received some critique on the Assetto Corsa Gameplay video that it's not compensating (enough) for the pitch movements (the issue is visible here, from 05:09 for instance). Now adjustments of head distance and distance from the center of rotation are possible in the Motion Compensation tab of the Game Engine. There's an important note here: for the rotation center distance, we'll change the value to be calculated from the distance between the rotation center and the floor to that between the headset and the rotation center. With the current option, you should not disable the guardian in the Quest2, otherwise it would not work properly.

We've done a new video to show where motion compensation stands currently:

As seen on the video, motion compensation is way better now, thanks to the adjustments in the game engine, and probably due to switching to the Focus 3. Of course, this is a result of only a couple of tests, but with the Quest 2, the display was a little bit lagging, causing motion sickness. Trying the HTC Vive Focus 3 (business ed.) has brought a huge difference, the screen became clearer and motion compensation did not affect the "speed" of the display. We'd be happy to hear about your experience regarding this, but this is our current impression based on a few tests. By the way, how are you guys solving motion compensation with the Quest 2?

All in all, this makes us believe that motion compensation and fully enjoying an intensely moving simulator in VR are possible, it's just a matter of software adjustment and VR headset choice. Again, this is just a preliminary conclusion, and our research and testing continues.

3. Holder Plates & Mount System Clarification / Simplification

We wrote previously that the side plates would be replaced by the side rails for comfort. This topic has been around for a long time, and hence it has received some (justified) criticism. Building on your recommendations and feedback, we've decided to simplify this area without the need to make any compromise, so here are all the options, most of them finalized or yet to be finalized in design. We've added the large plate and the side rails to our webstore, too.

  • Large Gaming Plate

This has been shown a couple of times in videos with the yokes and steering wheels. It has adjustable height, 3 different positions for adjustable distance and it is easy to get in and out with it installed. It was tested in-house and at expos, as well. Check the part in our webstore.

  • Side Rails

This part has been tested in-house with a handbrake, and it is comfortable for that solution. It has also received some feedback from our community that it has a comfortable position for hotas. It is at the level of the seat, and its distance towards the seat and towards the front is adjustable. Check the part in our webstore.

  • Center Mount

We have a planned design for this accessory, and will disclose it and test results in one of the next updates. This accessory will be a great fit for a hotas setup where the joystick is placed in the center (e.g. helicopter simulators). Available shortly.

  • Racing Frame

This was tested both in-house and at expos. The racing frame might be an option instead of the plate or siderails. Would you guys like to have this choice?

  • Monstertech

As seen in the picture, Monstertech accessories can be added to the side of the Yaw2 motionsim if there's no mount system installed (that is, neither the pole for the large plate, nor side rails). The holes on the simulator are meant for the siderail and mount system, but either these can be used for the Monstertech accessory, or new holes can be drilled at home as a sort of DIY solution. Click here to check all of their solutions.

4. Hiring more Workforce

Let us share a brief behind-the-scenes video with you guys below. This educational video is intended for the new members of the Yaw team, who will help us increase the production capacities. Beside the previously mentioned full-time employees we hired, we decided to give production a great kick with hiring approximately 10 seasonal workers.

5. Y.A.W.: Space Shooter Gameplay

As mentioned around a month ago, we have an own software development team, who has been working on our first own title. We finally can publish the first gameplay videos showing the game, and we're eager to hear your opinion about it. Please note, this is an early beta version, development is still going on to make the game (even) cooler. For this purpose, your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

We've promised to show you also the multiplayer mode in the new game. Of course, this is also beta edition, but hope you guys will enjoy this brief demonstration of it:

Thanks again guys for your continued support and all the feedback so far.

Don't forget to enjoy the summertime! 😎

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