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FlightSimExpo – 24-26/09/21 – San Diego

We can’t thank you enough for staying with us in San Diego. We are really happy to have met some of you guys at the expo and we are looking forward to this week's product launch party for Yaw2. In the meantime, here is what we experienced, learned and seen during the expo.

  • Durability/practicality

During the Flight Sim Expo, our devices were running for about 6 hours /day pretty much continuously. There was no overheating of motors, no extreme ventilation was needed, which is a great result and we were happy to see that the work that we had put in it was worth it.

The part or component of the simulator that fell weak was the desk, especially the holder. This is something that we already planned on changing almost completely but it did turn out to be a problem. The stability of the desk is already quite good (we've had a couple of rounds of designs for that part) but the locking mechanism is tragic. We're not even going to try to make it sound any better than that. We decided to use bearings for the opening and closing mechanism which will make getting in and out of the simulator an easy and comfortable process.

We had our mechanics colleague ready at all times but we are happy to report that he was quite bored during the whole expo and the only time we needed his intermission was when the desk holder needed some adjustment.

  • Software

We had two devices at the expo. One had a rollercoaster demo running, No Limits rollercoaster to be specific and the other one was a flightsim setup with X-Plane 11. In both cases we were using Oculus Quest 2 headsets. Running the rollercoaster was smooth, the headset needed some recalibration here and there, but it worked very well. It was easy to switch between visitors. In case of X-Plane 11, we needed a bit more time in between visitors. It wasn't related to the simulator, but the software and the headset. Using virtual desktop, we were able to stream X-Plane 11 but this made the whole setup more complex. We had to calibrate the headset and the virtual desktop simultaneously, but overall, we were happy to see that there were no major problems occurring and we were able to serve our visitors with a great experience.

motion simulator
Black and white simulator setup for rollercoaster demo & full black simulator setup for flightsim demo
  • Noise

Noise was a concern of ours for a while, partly because Yaw1 was extremely silent and that set our standards, but also because the metallic prototype was in fact quite loud and we knew that we would not accept that level of noise. We got a lot of positive feedback on how silent our simulators are and we ourselves think that they did good. People compared them to other brands' sims and said that Yaw2 won in terms of being silent.

  • Feedback

We are happy to report that we got really nice feedback from those of you who came by and also just from all the other visitors at the event. It seems like Yaw2 didn't underwhelm your expectations.

For those of you who made it to the Flight Sim Expo: Please tell us and your fellow backers about your experience. Whether it is negative or positive, we want to hear it all. And of course, thanks again for coming!

We hope to see as many of you guys as possible this weekend at the launch party, but of course we'll come back with a little summary of how everything went in Las Vegas. You can still register here, our event is free but places are limited.

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