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Our first Kickstarter campaign is now officially completed

In December we have finally delivered the last Kickstarter device (except for three backers who we could not reach so far), and therefore we can officially announce that our first Kickstarter campaign is successfully completed.

We would like to say a HUGE THANKS to all of you who supported us!

After starting our project from basically nothing (the first picture kind of shows this). Our idea, company and device would not be where it is now without you guys. Really, no doubt. It is amazing how you all supported the development of this technology despite the risks. We faced hard times, and quite often it was not sure whether the project could survive at all. Still, the work goes on and we continue to improve our device. Of course, we will update you on this platform regularly. The Yaw team started with 3 people, now we are more than 30. With this team, we are looking forward to making something big. And as the saying goes, every end is a new beginning, so stay tuned, something is coming.

Our journey in pictures:

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lekor adams
lekor adams
31 de mai.

Our first Kickstarter campaign is now officially completed! Oteemo’s foundation is rooted in the belief that impactful enterprise transformations are crafted from the ground up. By offering top-tier DevSecOps services, we guide businesses in modernizing their digital capabilities, ensuring a competitive edge and superior service delivery for commercial enterprises and federal agencies.

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